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Joint Replacement and Biological Aesthetics

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We are pleased to say the original UHP (Ulna head prosthesis) from KLS Martin is still on sale from Sovereign Medical ltd.

We are pleased to announce we are now the UK distributor for Syntellix Magnezix

A range of Magnesium implants that turn into bone. 



We are pleased to announce we are now the UK distributor for BTI Aesthetics 

A natural biological alternative for your patient's skin and hair.


Novastep Airlock

A modern solution for foot surgery.

A complete system for joint preparation and fixation in the treatment of MTP pathologies, including hallux rigidus. Permits reduction, compression and locking of the 1st MTP joint in optimal position for arthrodesis.


KLS Martin IPS Individual Patient Solutions

Individual Patient Solutions

The use of modern technologies opens up new options in the treatment of complex defect situations. With IPS®, we offer high quality, holistic solutions for realising patient-customized solutions.

IPS® offers matched solutions for the computer-based planning of surgical procedures, the efficient design of customized treatment concepts and the realization of these concepts in the operating theate with functionalized implants and planning aids.

With IPS®, we have been the first company worldwide to enable the planning and realization of patient-customized solutions on a single platform. Faster and more precise than ever before.


World Class Implants


We are pleased to bring you implants from some of the worlds leading implant manufacturers including, KLS Martin, Novastep, Group Lepine, BTI, Gramedica, and Scaffdex. 

History of Sovereign Medical


Founded in 2000, Sovereign Medical Ltd has become one of the specialist suppliers of the most innovative and contemporary Orthopaedic products across the UK’s Health sector. Over the past twenty years, we have been recognised as one of the leading suppliers of hand, foot, and regenerative products. Working closely and keeping up to date with the world's top manufacturers of Orthopaedic products enables us to provide the best possible options for Surgeons. We have strong relationships with Groupe Lepine, Scaffdex, KLS Martin, Novastep and BTI. 

Sovereign are the sole distributor of these products within the UK.


Our aim is to develop strong working partnerships with N.H.S trusts to deliver the best solutions for both patients and surgeons whilst minimising costs.

Regenerative Orthopaedics


BTI's research team has developed the therapeutic use of plasma rich in growth factors Endoret® (prgf®).

It is a technology that allows the use of the organism's own resources with extraordinary results in many pathologies, effectively regenerating tissues without side effects and notably reducing the recovery period of fractures, muscular and tendinous injuries, and surgical interventions.