Forefoot, Midfoot & Rearfoot Solutions 

Novastep Peca

Peca® Compressive Implants were designed for the percutaneous fixation in the foot and ankle. The implant is equipped with a beveled head and partially threaded cutting flutes to maximize compression by seating flush with the near cortex, preserving soft tissue structures.

Novastep Pecaplasty

The Pecaplasty® System delivers reproducible outcomes in percutaneous bunion correction. The instrument helps navigate the challenges of the procedure by controlling translation and providing accurate placement of the guide wires. Peca Implants are used to fasten and stabilize the correction during the healing process. 


Novastep Nexis

The Novastep Nexis® system provides a complete and versatile portfolio of conveniently packaged, easily deployed, low-profile screws designed to address a broad spectrum of forefoot and midfoot indications.

  • Self-Drilling / Self-Tapping
  • Reverse Cutting Flutes
  • Torx Recess Headless Screws
  • Wire Driver Compatible Snap-off Screws
  • Self-penetrating Conical Head
  • Simplified Color-coded Instrumentation
  • Color-coded Sterile Packaging
  • quickTUBE® Deployment
  • cleanSTART® Dispenser

Anodized titanium alloy (TA6V). Self-Drilling / Self-Tapping screws with a triple sharpened tip. Reverse cutting flutes aiding the surgeon in simplified screw extraction. Torx recess protects the screw head and provides optimal torque. Self-penetrating conical head design allows a traumatic penetration.

Novastep Airlock

A complete system for joint preparation and fixation in the treatment of MTP pathologies, including hallux rigidus. Permits reduction, compression, and locking of the 1st MTP joint in the optimal position for arthrodesis.

  • Anatomical design – Plate configuration eliminates collision with plantar screw
  • 3mm thick titanium plate anatomically designed with 10° of phalangeal valgus
  • Compression hole enhances stability across joint 
  • 4.0mm Cannulated Screw – Used in conjunction with the plate to provide additional plantar compressive fixation
  • Concave / Convex reamers – Facilitate precise joint surface contouring


  • Plate Design Eliminates Collision with Plantar Screw
  • 10° Anatomical Phalangeal Valgus
  • Compression Hole Enhances Stability Across Joint
  • Low Profile Reduces Extensor Tendon Compromise
  • Trial Plates Included
  • Plantar Screw Visual Alignment Guide
  • Locking and Non-locking Screw Options

Novastep Arcad Staples

The Arcad® Staple was designed to help achieve optimum compression for fusion.

Delivered at ambient temperatures, the Nitinol (NiTi) ASTM F2063 memory metal structure induces balanced inward (“pushing”) forces. By pre-loading the staple with the Arcad® Forceps, the legs are then inserted into the guided pilot holes. Once the forceps are released, the memory of the metallic alloy exerts a compressive force on the legs as demonstrated in the diagrams above.

Immediate and continuous compression; the implant goes to work upon impaction and maintains compression throughout the course of treatment.

  • Migration resistant talons that allow for accurate placement and stable bone purchase

  • Low profile / atraumatic contours that are designed to minimize soft tissue irritation

  • Size range allows for precise fitting and anatomic compatibility

Novastep Lync

The Novastep Lync® implant features a single-piece, bifocal, barbed leg configuration, designed for small bone intramedullary insertion. 

Breakthrough Design

One-piece implant manufactured from anodized titanium (ASTM F67 / ISO 5832-2), featuring insertion tapers and migration resistant talons that allow for accurate placement and stable bone purchase. Medullary canal preparation and device insertion do not require placement of guide wires.

  • No Freezing
  • Refrigeration is not required and the Lync® implants may be used at ambient temperature; there are no costly storage expenses or timing issues involved.
  • Two Zones of Compression / Four Zones of Fixation 
  • Proximal and distal leg pairs are designed to impart bifocal compressive forces for enhanced stability and resistance to pull-out.
  • Lock and Load Insertion
  • The multi-purpose implantation forceps feature a uniquely designed lock and load capability that permits convenient deployment, rapid insertion, and manual, one-click compression.
  • CleanSTART® Dispenser

All implants are packaged sterile and deployed by means of the cleanSTART® Dispenser. The Lync® implants are ready for immediate use; hospital inventory is easily managed and reliably tracked. Tubes are clearly marked with easy to read labels.

Minimal Instrumentation with Dedicated Compression Forceps

All required instruments are neatly configured in one elegantly sized sterilization module.

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