Hyperpronation of the foot leads to misalignment in the rest of the body that can affect the knee, hips, and back, and cause irritation in these areas. HyProCure® seeks to correct this hyper pronation through the use of a stent made of medical-grade titanium that is locked into the interosseous ligament in the canalis portion of the Sinus Tarsi.

This will lead to the realignment of the Talus on the Calcaneus and the realignment of the rest of the body as well, alleviating any pain caused through the rest of the body as a direct result of the hyper-pronation of the foot.


  • Threaded portion locks the implant into the interosseous ligament
  • Outer wider diameter prevents the obliteration of the Sinus Tarsi
  • The grooved section allows for fibrous tissue in-growth to prevent backing-out of the implant
  • Tapered portion abuts the lateral aspect of the Canalis Tarsi for accurate placement
  • Cannulated for guidewire insertion for accurate placement within the Sinus Tarsi
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