Sovereign Medical offer a wide variety of innovative solutions for hand and wrist surgery.

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Specialties- Hand and Wrist 



The lean, yet complete LINOS portfolio offers

a broad selection of anatomically shaped plates

for the surgical treatment of all kinds of hand fractures.




 IXOS® comes as a comprehensive and user-friendly radius plating system including palmar, dorsal as well as lateral plates.All plates are implanted with state-of-the-art smartDrive® screws. No more than four instruments are required for secure osteosynthesis.



Multidirectionally angle-stable, “locking” reconstruction system for ulna shortening osteotomies.

The ulna shortening osteotomy represents an acknowledged method for treating the ulnar impaction syndrome.


HBS2 are self-drilling, self-tapping, headless bone screws in “mini” and “midi” dimensions.

They are intended for the management of intraarticular and extraarticular fractures and nonunions of small bones and fractures involving very small bone fragments, as well as for the fixation of small-joint arthrodeses.




The Flower Plate has been developed to facilitate carpal bone fusion “Four Corner Fusion”. It is the first and only anatomical multidirectional locking plate implant. It can be used to treat posttraumatic arthrosis. 



The GENOS MC is an internal finger distractor.

It is used in the reconstruction of the thumb or the meta-carpal bones after amputation and also in the correction of malformations. 


The GENOS Mini is an internal callus distractor for lengthening of the metacarpalia/metatarsalia. 


A suture anchor in arrange of sizes.




The CapFlex PIP has been developed to serve as a bicondylar surface replacement. The anatomical design of the prosthesis enables high primary stability.



Achieving stability with a modular design

The design of the Maïa trapezio-metacarpal joint prosthesis is a result of the practical experience of a group of surgeons and analysis of long-term clinical trials. 




Designed specifically to treat fractures, the length of the implants stem is optimised to make it easier to insert and to ensure primary stability.

Two lateral fins prevent rotation.

They have holes that can be used to fix bone fragments, if needed.






The UHP has been designed to treat disorders of the distal radio-ulnar joint (DRUJ).

It is used to treat primary osteoarthritis, post-traumatic osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tumors and salvage of Darrach, Bowers, and Sauve-Kapandji.



Spherical UHP


The Spherical Herbert Ulnar Head Prosthesis is used to restore ulnar continuity after failed Sauvé-Kapandji procedures, preventing further painful radioulnar impingement.




The Tourni-Cot/ Uni -Cot are a non-pneumatic digit tourniquet used to temporarily control venous and arterial circulation to a digit.







Indicated in small joints in the hand and foot.

For patients suffering from Arthritis.

A porous bioabsorbable, lactide small joint space.

Implanted to replace cartilage and/or bone.




A  Bioabsorbable suture anchor in arrange of sizes.